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First of all, Foresight are people aimed at successful work results. All production processes are built around the team work, where every specialist has his or her own significant role in the project. Our mission is to create projects that are useful, clear, well-received and engaging for the future users. Our work is definitely very amusing. It combines mind blowing creative ideas, complex technical choices, and eventually, it becomes an applicable business tool for our clients.

Yevgeniy Khobotov

Foresight Co-owner

Each company has its own unique tasks and challenges. However, we believe that effective marketing is a key to overcoming most of them. Our mission is to get into the essence, to analyze, and come up with solutions that inspire really big change.

We strive to be agents of change while creating business and marketing strategies for our customers that provide a competitive edge and create a blue ocean in the market. We're not just creating strategies - we're creating opportunities.

Madina Bettencourt Henriques

Anastassiya Gulmetova

Foresight Co-owners


We create effective business solutions through a harmonious symbiosis of strategic marketing and creativity.

Almaty Creative Week

Almaty Creative Week

  • About the event:

    Almaty Creative Week is the main event of creative industries; it is a showcase of the achievements of Kazakhstan companies and private innovative inventors. It is a space for open dialogue of all participants.

  • Subject:

    Position of NFT for the end of 2022

On November 4, Yevgeniy Khobotov, the CEO of SlonWorks, spoke at the panel session titled Digital Technologies, Digital and NFT and New Technologies in Creating Projects in Contemporary Art.

The subject of the speech was the position of the NFT market for the end of 2022. The speech turned out to be inconsistent and it differed from the speeches of other speakers. The main task of the presentation was to reveal the current state of the market and share the forecasts of the top analysts. The market boom that happened during the Covid and post-Covid periods had significantly lost its scopes (92%); however, it hadn't lost its prospects. If the direction of art and community has lost ground, then the use of blockchain technology to legalize many official agreements has not yet been taken under the regulation of the state; however, it has tremendous prospects for use.

The task of the SlonWorks team is to continuously analyze the data from which appropriate decisions can be made that will deliver into desired results for the customers. Constant development of technologies also develops teams that not only do not lag behind, but also are in advance of the global trends.

At the panel session, all speakers managed to exchange views and to discuss new technologies in art; other conference participants managed to get new knowledge and insights.

To watch the full video of the event please visit the link.

JasStar Creative Youth Festival

JasStar Creative Youth Festival

  • About the event:

    The festival is aimed at supporting creative youth. JasStar has been held since 2009. Representatives of gifted youth from Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan traditionally take part in the festival. Guys and ladies share experience, gain useful knowledge at master classes and workshops.

  • Subject:

    NFT - hype, art or technology of the future

On October 27, as part of the JasStar festival, a meeting was held with readers of the Art of Her media site. The subject of the meeting was titled Onermen Kezdesu: Contemporary Art: Origins, Dialogues and NFT.

Speakers talked about important topics of contemporary art in Kazakhstan. Olga Vesselova, the Curator, talked in her speech about how we communicated through art and public dialogue. Leonid Nigmatullin, PR Director of CITIX, and Yuliya Kusherbaeva, the Chief of Behind the Door project, shared the story of creation of the sensational art project in Almaty - Behind the Door. Yevgeniy Khobotov answered the most popular pressing question: Whether NFT is hype, art or future technology?

As part of his speech, Yevgeniy represented several possible scenarios for NFT development. The trade values in 2022 in this area had decreased significantly; however, 2027 the technology will show its growth and it can be said only if circumstances that are reflected in the scenarios, are successful.

The speech was aimed at young talents who can use not only traditional ways of expressing themselves, but also modern technologies.

JasStar Creative Youth Festival

To watch a short video of the event, please follow the link.

Digital Bridge 2022

Digital Bridge 2022

  • About the event:

    Digital Bridge-2022 International Technology Forum

  • Subject:

    ART and NFT. How to create commercially viable projects in modern art?

This year, the topic of the Forum is Central Eurasia as a New Tech Platform.

On September 28-29, Astana hosted Digital Bridge, the annual International Technology Forum, with the participation of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the President of Kazakhstan, top figures of global companies, the best international and local IT experts.

Digital Bridge 2022 distinguished itself by its scale and became the largest IT event in our region. The Forum brought together almost 25 thousand participants, 300 IT companies, 150 venture investors and business angels, over 300 speakers and 100 startups from 15 countries of the world.

Yevgeniy Khobotov, the Founder of SlonWorks, spoke on September 28, at the panel session titled ART and NFT. How to create commercially viable projects in contemporary art? The session participants discussed the development of the NFT market and answered questions of forum visitors.

Digital Bridge 2022

Onermen Kezdesu

Onermen Kezdesu

  • About the event:

    Onermen Kezdesu: a date with art.

  • Subject:

    Art to sell art.

On July 19, a meeting was held at the Kasteev Museum as part of Onermen Kezdesy. Experts from the creative industry spoke about modern art, its development and answered questions of visitors to the meeting.

In total, three speakers spoke.

Kairat Sadvakasov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of KazakhTourism NC JSC with the speech topic: The role of art in the development of tourism in Kazakhstan.

Irina Kharitonova, Member of the Council for the Development of Creative Industries of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chief of the Center for the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries, Ideologist of the Global Nomads Fashion Awards project, with the speech topic: Development of creative industries in Kazakhstan and plans for 2023. Opportunities to export products of creative industries.

Yevgeniy Khobotov, Founder of SlonWorks,, NFT ART Store (Kazakhstan NFT marketplace), with the speech topic: Art to sell art.

The aim of the project is to provide a platform; to be heard and to find followers in art. The creative industry is expected to become a fast-growing sector of Kazakhstan's economy. Such meetings contribute to the broadening of outlook, the involvement of audience in art and the development of networking among creators and connoisseurs.

Onermen Kezdesu

To watch a short video of the event, please follow the link.



  • About the event:

    Big Money Summer Business Camp: 2 days of intense networking and cool learning from BigMoney University's top business speakers.

  • Subject:

    Is NFT an ART or a business?!

On June 19, BigMoney University held a 2-day intensive course for businessmen. SlonWorks raised the topic: Is NFT an ART or a business?!

During his speech, Yevgeniy told the participants of the intensive course what the NFT was; how it worked and how it was monetized. The topic of participation of major international brands in the creation of their NFT collections was also discussed.

The traded values of the NFT industry, as of mid-2022, are equal to ~ US$25,000,000,000.00 NFT is the area of investment of the future, through:

  • ART;

  • Business (investment stories, crowfanding stories, private membership clubs, etc.);

  • Games and meta-universes.

SlonWorks created the first NFT collection of 999 tokens, which it traded through communities in Discord. In 2022, against the background of the success of the first sales, it was decided to create the first NFT Store in Kazakhstan aimed at presenting artists in the digital space.

Business forum participants learned not only about a new niche in business and art, but they also were able to ask questions.

To watch another video of the event with participation of Yevgeniy Khobotov, please follow the link.

Speech in Smart.Point

Speech in Smart.Point

  • About the event:

    Smart.Point is a space of smart technologies and creative solutions. Coworking is not only a place for work, but also a community for which meetings are held, where everyone can get knowledge.

  • Subject:

    Using NFT technology from art to investing.

Yevgeniy spoke on investing and NFT on June 09, at an open meeting.

The future technology of NFT showed unprecedented market growth in 2021. These unique crypto assets allow you to make money on digital art, games and other projects. Many investors take the advantage of securing their capital. In 2022, SlonWorks launched its NFT store, where it introduced domestic artists.

Many people are not familiar with the technology. So, Yevgeniy held a lecture for those who broke their ground in crypto investing. The lecture was also helpful for those artists who wanted to present their digital art and protect copyright.

Everyone could ask questions after the speech.

Speech in Smart.Point

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We work with the largest Kazakhstani and international companies, develop new digital projects and improve the existing ones for their convenience.

Every half a year we analyze and improve our own working approaches. Thus, we become more empowered by all means.



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Websites, mobile applications, HR portals, internet portals, internet shops, loyalty programs. We publish books, design branded styles, and develop branding. In general, we work with any direction related to web-development, graphic design, illustrations, and calligraphy.

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Finance, Retail, IT & Telecom, Promo campaigns, and Startups.

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Our logic is our power. We compose all the necessary technical, creative and analytical documentation to launch the project. It allows us to be a product owner for our clients. We are also at your disposal when the previous vendor couldn’t meet your expectations and accomplish the assigned tasks: when you not only require fixing the bugs, but reshaping the project for the better outcome.

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