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First of all, SlonWorks are people aimed at successful work results. All production processes are built around the team work, where every specialist has his or her own significant role in the project. Our mission is to create projects that are useful, clear, well-received and engaging for the future users. Our work is definitely very amusing. It combines mind blowing creative ideas, complex technical choices, and eventually, it becomes an applicable business tool for our clients.

Evgeniy Khobotov.


SlonWorks combines the power of communication with clients, smart design, uniquely chosen technology of projects’ development.

We create smart, convenient projects that solve tasks of our customers’ businesses.

We work with the largest Kazakhstani and international companies, develop new digital projects and improve the existing ones for their convenience.

Every half a year we analyze and improve our own working approaches. Thus, we become more empowered by all means.



9 years




We create, design & produce:

Websites, mobile applications, HR portals, internet portals, internet shops, loyalty programs. We publish books, design branded styles, and develop branding. In general, we work with any direction related to web-development, graphic design, illustrations, and calligraphy.

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Spheres we are interested in:

Finance, Retail, IT & Telecom, Promo campaigns, and Startups.

What we are useful about:

Our logic is our power. We compose all the necessary technical, creative and analytical documentation to launch the project. It allows us to be a product owner for our clients. We are also at your disposal when the previous vendor couldn’t meet your expectations and accomplish the assigned tasks: when you not only require fixing the bugs, but reshaping the project for the better outcome.

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